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Valley Butchery is a family owned and operated butcher shop, situated in the heart of the Lockyer Valley in Gatton. Proprietors Ivan and Debbie Conneely have serviced the Gatton and Brisbane areas since June 2006. With nearly 30 years experience in the meat industry, Ivan can help you with all your meat needs.

Valley Butchery specialises as a bulk meat butcher providing quarters and sides of meat from beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Our bacon and hams are smoked in-house, and we make a variety of gourmet sausages (check out our Products page for the full range of what we sell).

Australian Pork

Australian Pork Only

Valley Butchery supplies only Australian Pork. Taste the difference and enjoy the quality. Fresh pork that is 100% Australian, tender, juicy and tasty.


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Valley Butchery is a member of the Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC), "the Peak Council that represents retailers, processors, exporters and smallgoods manufacturers in the post-farm-gate meat industry".

MSA Beef & Steggles Chickens

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Valley Butchery supplies MSA Graded Beef as well as Steggles Chickens.

Steggles chickens - superb quality Australian poultry.

The MSA grading takes the 'guess work' out of determining whether your beef is tough or tender, and the MSA trademark is intended to assure quality eating for meals prepared using various cooking methods.

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          Side of Beef
          $5.75 kg
          Side of Pork
          $5.99 kg
          Hind Quarter
          $7.00 kg

Our Farm

Situated in the heart of the Lockyer Valley

Valley Butchery
711 Woodlands Road
Gatton, Queensland 4343
0418 336 542
(Ah: 07 5462 7656)