Bulk Meat BuysHind Quarter Beef$7.00 kg
Bulk Meat BuysSide of Beef$5.75 kg
Bulk Meat BuysSide of Pork$5.99 kg
Bulk Meat BuysWhole Pig$5.99 kg
BeefWhole MSA Rib Fillet$22.00 kg
BeefWhole MSA Rump$10.99 kg
MinceBest (beef) (2kg buy)$15.00 2kg
While stocks last.
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          Side of Beef
          $5.75 kg
          Side of Pork
          $5.99 kg
          Hind Quarter
          $7.00 kg

Our Farm

Situated in the heart of the Lockyer Valley

Valley Butchery
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