The Valley Butchery Value Packs provide an easy and convenient method of buying economical meat packs. You can chose from a variety of packs. Buy one today!

The following list details the value packs from Valley Butchery. Use the links below to jump to your preferred pack.

Product Price Special
6 kg Beef BBQ Steak
6 kg Beef Sausages
6 kg Lamb Forequarter Chops
4 kg Rump Steak
$200.00 pk
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Product Price Special
2.5 kg Leg of Lamb
2.5 kg Pork Roast
2.5 kg Topside Roast
2.5 kg Lamb Chops
2.5 kg Pork Chops
2.5 kg Beef BBQ Steak
5 kg Beef Mince
5 kg Beef Sausages$200.00 pk
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          Side of Beef
          $5.75 kg
          Side of Pork
          $5.99 kg
          Hind Quarter
          $7.00 kg

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