Special We have a great special happening now on Bulk meat purchases for Sides and Hind quarters. These bulk specials are country killed, tender, grain fed beef, packed to your requirements. If you purchase 2, free delivery is included. Conditions Apply.

The following list details the meat products we cater for here at Valley Butchery. Specials are valid while stocks last. Use the links below to jump to your preferred product.

quality rib fillet
fresh osso bucco
thin beef sausages
bulk sides of beef
Product Price Special
Fore Quarter Beef$5.20 kg
Hind Quarter Beef$7.00 kgSpecial
Side of Beef$5.75 kgSpecial
Side of No 1. Lamb$7.99 kg
Side of Pork$5.99 kgSpecial
Whole No.1 Lamb$7.99 kg
Whole Pig$5.99 kgSpecial
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Product Price Special
Value Pack 1$200.00 pk
Value Pack 2$200.00 pk
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Product Price Special
BBQ Steak$8.99 kg
Blade Roast$8.99 kg
Blade Steak$9.99 kg
Brisket$5.99 kg
Butt Fillet$29.50 kg
Chuck Steak$8.99 kg
Corned Silverside$6.99 kg
Crumbed Steak$8.99 kg
Eye Fillet$31.99 kg
Flat Corned Brisket$5.99 kg
Fresh Silverside$8.99 kg
Garlic Steak$12.50 kg
Gravy Beef$8.99 kg
Osso Bucco$7.99 kg
Oyster Blade$8.99 kg
Pepper Steak$12.50 kg
Rib Fillet$28.99 kg
Rolled Brisket$5.99 kg
Rolled Roast$7.99 kg
Round Steak$10.99 kg
Rump$17.99 kg
Steakettes$6.99 kg
T-Bone$17.99 kg
Topside Roast$8.99 kg
Topside Steak$10.50 kg
Whole MSA Rib Fillet$22.00 kgSpecial
Whole MSA Rump$10.99 kgSpecial
Whole Yearling T-Bone$10.00 kg
Y-Bone$7.99 kg
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Product Price Special
Boneless Pork Roast$6.99 kg
Diced$10.00 kg
Fillet$9.99 kg
Forequarter Chops$7.99 kg
Forequarter Roast$6.99 kg
Leg Roast$8.99 kg
Leg Steak$15.95 kg
Loin Chops$10.99 kg
Medallions$14.99 kg
Schnitzel$10.99 kg
Shoulder Roast$6.99 kg
Spare Ribs$7.99 kg
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Product Price Special
Crown Roast (available by request)$25.00 kg
Crumbed Chops$10.00 kg
Cutlets$25.00 kg
Diced$15.00 kg
Forequarter Chops$10.99 kg
Lamb Racks$25.00 kg
Leg Roast$12.00 kg
Leg Steak$16.95 kg
Loin Chops$17.00 kg
Neck Chops$5.99 kg
Rolled Leg Roast$15.00 kg
Rolled Shoulder Roast$10.00 kg
Schnitzel$15.00 kg
Shoulder Roast$10.00 kg
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Product Price Special
Breast$12.99 kg
Drumsticks$3.50 kg
Fillet$12.99 kg
Thigh$9.99 kg
Whole Chickens (Free Range)$6.99 kg
Wings$3.99 kg
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Product Price Special
Beef$9.99 kg
Best (beef) (2kg buy)$15.00 2kgSpecial
Lamb$10.00 kg
Lean Beef Mince$9.00 kg
Pork$10.00 kg
Pure Chicken$10.00 kg
Steakettes$6.99 kg
Tasty Rissoles$6.99 kg
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Product Price Special
Beef Thick$7.50 kg
Beef Thin$7.50 kg
Breakfast$7.50 kg
Pork Thick$7.50 kg
Pork Thin$7.50 kg
Pure Chicken$9.99 kg
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(Preservative and Gluten Free)
(All our sausages are suitable for weight watchers)
(10kg MINIMUM Buy - Single Flavour)
Product Price Special
Apricot & French Onion$8.99 kg
Bacon/Cheese & Tomato$8.99 kg
Bratwurst$8.99 kg
Chardonnay & French Herb$8.99 kg
Herb & Garlic$8.99 kg
Italian$8.99 kg
Madras Curry$8.99 kg
Manuka Honey & Hickory$8.99 kg
Mushroom & Onion$8.99 kg
Pork Apple & Sultana$8.99 kg
Smokey Bacon$8.99 kg
Steak & Onion$8.99 kg
Tasmanian Apple Cider$8.99 kg
Texan Chilli$8.99 kg
Tomato & Onion$8.99 kg
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          Side of Beef
          $5.75 kg
          Side of Pork
          $5.99 kg
          Hind Quarter
          $7.00 kg

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